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Tomas and Paquita, hand in hand to heaven


After a long wait, which included the Spanish civil war, Tomas and Paquita Alvira were married in 1939. Together they formed a large family and with their faith and generosity they passed on to those around them an example of Christian life. 

ISBN : 9782864955290

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What the comic Tomas and Paquita, hand in hand to heaven is about ?

Their lives teach us that one can search for and love God in ordinary life through family, professional and social duties. Their process of beatification was opened in 2009.

Who are the authors Rafael Arias Villalta and Juan Juvancic ?

Rafael Arias Villalta is a journalist, lawyer and theologian. He was ordained to the priesthood when he was 52 and he practises his priestly ministry in Slovenia. He is the author of En Chemin vers la saintete, l’histoire de saint Josemaria.

Juan Juvančič is a graphic designer. His short film animations have been translated to several languages and his comics have been published in Spain, Slovenia and Croatia.


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